ARQUEOticket Barcelona: 5 Museums pass

The Barcelona ARQUEOticket allows you to visit great 5 museums to travel back into the past and a greater understanding of the present. Where can the most exclusive jewelery in Barcelona be found? At The Archaeology Museum of Catalonia, where you will see surprisingly modern necklaces which were used as ornaments in pre-history. You can also see the very latest in Greek and Roman earrings.

When did we first begin to tattoo ourselves? Decorating the body with tattoos was a common practice in pre-Hispanic America. This custom was related to religious or magic rituals, and you learn more at the Barbier-Mueller Museum.

Is piercing a modern practice? At The Egyptian Museum of Barcelona you will discover that gods, men, women and animals had piercings in ancient Egypt.

How long has commercial packaging existed? Some of the amphorae preserved in the Museu d'Historia de Barcelona have inscriptions painted on the base of the neck or the handles. They are distant ancestors of today's logos and trademarks, providing information about the producer and the type of wine.

How long has the all-seeing eye existed? Since time immemorial, the eye painted on the prow of a boat is the eye which sees all, warding off any danger that might be encountered. At The Maritime Museum of Barcelona you will discover a rich vein of maritime traditions and customs.

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