Gaudí’s La Pedrera at Night: A Behind-Closed-Doors Tour

Experience the magical world of Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí on this exclusive night tour of one of his most famous modernist buildings, La Pedrera (also known as Casa Milà), the second most visited museum in Barcelona. During the calm hours after dark, this intimate tour, limited to 30 people, will unveil to you the building's secrets not seen on daytime visits. See how residents lived in this beautiful building 100 years ago; visit several rooms; and enjoy outstanding views of La Sagrada Familia and the Barcelona skyline from the roof. Then toast your tour with a glass of Champagne!

Antoni Gaudí is one of the world’s most renowned architects, and a trip to Barcelona must include a visit of at least one of his famed modernist buildings, of which La Pedrera (or Casa Milà) is one of the most well-known and the second most visited museum in Barcelona. For an extra special experience, book this nighttime tour to see the incredible building as few do, when several wall projections of shadow figures show you how the residents lived in the building a century ago. With this intimate experience you'll skip the queues and hundreds of people that visit La Pedrera during the day.

Your after-hours tour of La Pedrera starts in the residential building in the Provenca street courtyard. Hear about the building’s most significant features and see a display of the elements that inspired Gaudí’s design. Look through the windows and watch the first shadow projection – a scene depicting the life of La Pedrera’s doorman and his family, who lived in the building. Then continue to the balcony to admire the building’s beautiful elements, such as the pillars structures, open floor plan and large openings on the façade. Here, watch another projection depicting Pere Milà (the man for whom La Pedrera was built) preparing for dinner.

Next, follow your tour guide to the fourth floor to see the apartment rented by a bourgeois gentleman – an apartment characterized by well-decorated rooms of irregular shapes. Learn about the daily life and cultural aspects of the early 20th century from your guide as you visit another apartment; then visit the loft, which servants used to do the laundry, as another projection will show you.

Continue up to the roof and wander under the catenary arches typical of Gaudí. See how the architect used the technological innovations of the time to create geometrical spaces inspired by nature. Admire the famous sculptures known as the Soldiers that overlook the city, and take in views of La Sagrada Familia and the twinkling Barcelona skyline from the attic.

Finally, head back down to the courtyard to end your tour with a complimentary glass of Champagne.

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